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Welcome to Needlepoint Junction! We are Celebrating our Anniversary all Year! Check out Events and Happenings for Class Information--->
Welcome to Needlepoint Junction! We are Celebrating our Anniversary all Year! Check out Events and Happenings for Class Information--->
My Path to Store Ownership

My Path to Store Ownership

As most of you know, I write from my heart...what I am feeling...and well this is today's thoughts.  I write today to honor my Dad, whom I miss so much. 

When I began my journey in this community - I did not know what to expect. I was green in the gills to say the least. I did not needlepoint, cross stitch, knit or crochet. I went in blind. But I went in open to the possibilities. I knew running a business was a method and the application was the craft of needle arts. That was about it. Kind of crazy huh. 

I mean what right did I have walking into a very sophisticated club where I didn't belong. I guarantee you it wasn't the first time I had stepped into an arena uninvited with no knowledge. But I did and I dove in head first.  It is sort of my MO. Dive right in and hide your fear!

April first is around the corner and it will be 9 years with my feet planted in one place. I am still here and not traveling around the world. I am content and grounded in many ways.  And I am still learning, loving and diving when I can - head first. 

My journey would have never taken off, had it not been for two people in my life. One is Sharon, who you see sometimes when you come into the store. I know she was a skeptic at first but took a chance when she called my dad and said, "I know of an opportunity for Paul and Michele".  Sharon has been there from the first day I walked into the store. At one point of her life, she owned her own store in Chicago before moving to Hilton Head Island. Her knowledge is incredible and I hope when I grow up, I can accomplish some of the things she has. 

The second person was my Dad. And today, it is 7 years since he passed. I miss him terribly but I see him everyday in the decisions I make and the things I do. I hear him in my thoughts and I see his goofy smile in the ski cap he wore during the last month of his life. I know I am my father's daughter to the core. His ethics, his mindset, his moral compass are instilled in me. His love and kindness for humanity I can only hope to emulate.  I can feel myself living a dream for both of us. And I only hope I am realizing his dream to the fullest way possible, while at the same time living out mine (which is ever evolving.) He was a powerful soul in an understated way. I have learned this from others that loved him deeply. He touched so many people. I hope he approves of what I am doing. 

It is because of these two people and so many more that I am looking forward to unfolding my vision even further as I continue to grow and learn from this vast community. I am grateful for this opportunity and all it offers me. I am thankful for Sharon and my dad for sending me down this path. I am grateful for all of you, who take the time to say hello when you come into the store or send notes. I am happy that you share your lives, your passions and each day I learn something new. 

And even though I miss him greatly, I can still feel his presence and this brings a smile to my face (sometimes goofy like his).  And sometimes a tear down my cheek. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

So thank you Dad and Sharon...and here is to another year!

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